Best Selling Album In Sierra Leone

Emmerson’sreal name is Emmerson Bockarie. This dark skinned handsome prince is of the diamond rich region of the Sierra Leonean Republic. Born in Freetown, the Capital of Sierra Leone, he was raised with the absolute virtue of modesty. Emmerson discovered music at an early age but the absence of necessary encouragement didn’t propel him, so he concentrated on his academics. Although he enrolled in the University of Njala to study computer engineering and electronics, his strongly resolved to become a musician.

In 2002, shortly after the National conflict, he recorded his first mixed tape, Bodyguard compilation volume one, and released his first single ‘Yu Go See Am’. This single drew the attention of the CEO of the Bodyguard Studio (King Fisher). Talks on recording an album began immediately. In October 2004 he released his album titled Borbor Belleh.resizBest Selling Album In Sierra Leone